Thank YOU – 100,000 visitors, I thank you all!

By mensatic

By the time you read this. I will have reached a milestone of sorts. I’ve had one hundred thousand visits from people from around our wonderful planet. Actually stopping by to visit from 155 different countries. I’m most happy and honored to have achieved this much, and am so very grateful for your friendships. I don’t have words to properly convey this as well as I would like so I’ll just repeat, with great sincerity from my heart:

Thank You!


27 thoughts on “Thank YOU – 100,000 visitors, I thank you all!

  1. That’s a fantastic milestone Penny, although I am not surprised. You post a great deal of posts that are of interest to many and you do things that keep people coming back for more. Well done and congratulations my friend.

      • You don’t owe me anything πŸ™‚ You were doing well before I was on the scene, and you would be doing just as well if I wasn’t. But yes, the friendship is awesome.

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