Haibun Thinking – Reading a Book!

This week’s literary quote prompt: “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book!”~ Jane Austen (Pride & Prejudice)

Reading“Lost in the pleasure of a well written book” 


Books (of the hold in your hands and turn the pages kind) are special to me. There’s a quality unique to the printed word on paper not to be found in today’s electronic readers.  Disparity, clear and obvious to a book lover. One format meant as a convenience – a temporary reading experience. The other packaged in a form to become a permanence – an addition to who you are.

Apart from physical substance and texture, often enhancing the reading experience, the very act of picking up a book and opening it makes, for me, the reading process more personal. After reading, favored books reside on bookshelves acquiring a sense of an addition to family and friends. Your favorite authors, your favorite stories, your books of learning and literature repose near at hand for a return visit when so desired.

I wonder if books that are now electronic applications will eventually replace all the hardback and paperback books? I hope not. The me that is a reader, hopes not. The me that revels in each new book I acquire, hopes not. Books fill me up with all those things that I might otherwise miss.

advancement sometimes

less than one would wish for

a new emptiness


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Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoyed,

~ Penny

15 thoughts on “Haibun Thinking – Reading a Book!

  1. I love the feel of pages, the smell of ink on a new novel, the musty smell of second book stores, mostly the experience of reading. Travel on public transit I`ve had to give in to an ereader for hte lightness …once you get engrossed in the story, you don`t even notice it.

      • Thanks so much. I know I am surrounded by many readers here…many of my friends who do not read much always smile and shake their heads when I have just finished a book and sigh how I will miss him or her. A few times I got to the end without realizing it was the end on my e-reader ( you can`t tell!! like a proper book) and I was so upset at my breaks and ride home….then found my smartphone and started reading blogs…but it was not the same.

  2. I read so many books on my Kindle, it was the way I had started getting used to. Then I picked up a book that I was given for Christmas a few years ago by a friend and I realised what I was missing. I have the same book on Kindle, but I only read that when I am out. Then when I get back home, I move forward to where I got to and carry on from there. I love books, and so does my daughter. They are unbeatable. Plus they don’t break down, and they don’t become unusable when you drop them. Just a curseable item when you lose your page.

    Thanks Penny 🙂

  3. AnElephantCant ever be bookless
    That is too sad and he almost scowls
    But he smiles when he remembers choosing books
    For a lady of great intelligence and most wondrous looks
    When he goes to Portland and she takes him to Powell’s

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