Gratitude, in spite of …


Having an especially bad day? Everything’s going wrong and you feel overwhelmed with things and what’s even worse is nobody seems to care. People are being rude and appear to be indifferent to your problems and concerns. You’re thinking, why bother with anything.

With negative thoughts and emotions, you’re feeling sensitive and abused, hurt, angry (pick an emotion that works for you) NOW, RIGHT NOW is the time to be grateful … as silly and unhelpful as that may sound. The thing is it actually works, because how you’re viewing things changes. You see potentials and possibilities you didn’t see when thinking negatively.

When things seem at their very worst – being grateful for what you do have will be the thing that generates positive change. It’s always worked that way, it’s just that most of us don’t notice it.

So go ahead, give it a try. You’ll be surprised … pleasantly surprised.

~ Take care of you and have a wonderful day and better tomorrow,


22 thoughts on “Gratitude, in spite of …

  1. I have done that on occasion. In fact, when I was suicidal, it was that thought that stopped me. I was thankful that I had my kids, and whilst at that time, it felt that was all I was thankful for, it made a huge difference to me. Well, it must have done. That was over six years ago

    • I understand, I remember a time or too when I was so very ill and in pain all the time (with Chrohn’s) and, if it hadn’t been for little baby Christina and Nick, well … they did give me a reason to be brave through that and a few other tough periods in my life. So as I said I do understand! πŸ™‚ xo

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