The Nature of Magic or How about just “Nature’s Magic”!



Magic the word, can conjure up abracadabras and all types of mystical references, and it frequently does when one hears it spoken. But there’s another type of magic. My favorite kind. It’s what Nature seems to achieve, every day in millions, billions of ways on the planet Earth.


As I mentioned ~ magical!

I never tire of viewing Nature’s magic. It never disappoints and I’m constantly rediscovering all the beauty that is ours free for the viewing. And to me this is indeed magic. Nature’s magic!

Have a great day today, enjoy Nature’s magic, as you can, be safe and take care of you,

With much affection,

~ Penny


24 thoughts on “The Nature of Magic or How about just “Nature’s Magic”!

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  2. I too love the magic all around us! I am continually trying to capture it through my lens so I can share it with the world, particularly those who do not take the time to stop and look for themselves…Love the new theme! xoxoxo ^..^

    • Hi Lulu, yes it is. Beyond human ken to understand too. Perhaps that’s why it’s seems so magical at times! The whole planet is alive through an interactive functioning that we poor humans can’t begin to grasp. (Well some have a small bit of a clue, perhaps!) πŸ™‚

    • Hi Malcom. So true, my friend, so true. Not only are we a part of nature, and as humans respond with wonder, as such we are it’s caretakers and should take the job a little bit more responsibly than we’ve been (although I see much positive change in that area too.) πŸ™‚

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