Haibun Thinking – City Life and Nature’s Heartbeat!

Photo prompt:


photograph ยฉ Arthur Browne

My entry:

This is the city. I’ve lived in the heart of a metropolis. I enjoyed being there. Something unique in the nature of city life. A day time hustle and bustle not found in rural life. Although to a large degree that has changed with the intrusion of malls and “everything you need at one place” mega stores.

But at night, cities still hold sway to that uniqueness I mentioned. There’s a grittiness that comes out in between the city lights, neon signs and mostly empty sidewalks. The sounds and smells are intriguing. I won’t deny that I loved my stay in the city. And I won’t deny that I miss a certain aspect of it. A “making things happen” kind of feeling. A hustle and bustle reminding one of living, moving forward and yet …

I don’t regret leaving. I missed the countryside. I missed the early morning mist and dewy greenness of nature. A different pace in the natural world. One I’m more suited for and one I was out of step with for a period of time in my life. The balance was missing, reclaimed when I returned to my roots.

a balanced life

at the very heart of the matter

is nature’s heartbeat


Haibun Thinking is a weekly writers challenge. If you wish to enter clickย here. Big thanks toย Alastair for hosting this haibun challenge and giving writers an opportunity to improve their writing skills.

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8 thoughts on “Haibun Thinking – City Life and Nature’s Heartbeat!

  1. First … I love the new look. It took me by surprise.

    I remember moving from the town centre to the edge of town. I went from a two minute walk to a ten minute drive into the centre and those mornings … seeing the frost on the leaves and the grass. Hearing the birds in the trees, seeing the wildlife – before I ever thought of photographing them. The silence of the lambs (sorry, couldn’t resist hehe) Now, if there is silence, I look out the window. The morning views have changed. From crisp below freezing mornings, and dew covered grass, to sunrises and crashing waves.

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