Winds Do Blow, Even Though!



The Winds Will Blow – copyright © Penny L Howe, 2014


Mighty winds of Earth do blow

Swinging frongs move to and fro

But all in all what do they know

How our modern gardens grow


Waters of the Earth do flow

But all in all what do they know

Even as the rain  bestows

What we drink – even though


Sunlight from the sun does show

Mooonbeams from the moon do glow

But all in all what do they know

‘cept shining light they send below


We mutate plants to help them grow

I worry much for what we sow

But all in all – what do I know

helpless, sad and much sorrow


when waste is all we’ve come to know.

What will be our tomorrow?

~ Penny

16 thoughts on “Winds Do Blow, Even Though!

  1. Will we ever learn to grow
    Something we will never know
    We can teach our children though
    A new knowledge we can bestow

    What a great poem Penny. It definitely is something we need to look long and hard at, before we destroy this planet completely

  2. I loved your poem. Also I have added you to my website. Susan’s Blog: The Inner Soul as one of my favorite sites. If this is not okay, let know and I can remove it.
    Thanks, Susan

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