Elusive Happiness – or located in your heart right now …

… just waiting to come out!




How many times do we say or hear the words “I’m just not happy?” Frequently! And yet happiness is only elusive when we dwell on it (or our perception of the lack of it). The state of happiness is an emotional feeling. Not a place. Or if it does dwell in a place it’s in your mind, your thoughts and of course your heart. This means you’re in control (if you want to be)!

When actively involved and engaged in life, happiness becomes part of what we experience, some days more than others, but always with the potential of occurring because we’re busy … living and loving with our lives to the fullest!

Share your love, especially at this time of year. Share your time with others. Give freely, you will find your heart filling with joy, as you do all these things.

And most of all be grateful for what you have.



Hope your having a warm, loving and happy holiday season. If you’re not, get out there and start living – it’ll happen to you too!

~ With great affection,


30 thoughts on “Elusive Happiness – or located in your heart right now …

  1. Since we have settled into our winter home in So. Cal I have spent a good amount of my time volunteering, which adds to my happiness quotient immensely. Hope you and your family have a blessed holiday Penny. πŸ™‚

    • I have hoped all has been well with you dear friend and sister. Helping others does make one feel warm inside, Luann. Our holiday season has been hectic but positive. Also throwing in some positive energy vibes your way too. You know, just in case! Please take care of you. Sending you lots of love and affection, Penny xxx

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