Calling on Hope … or perhaps Hope calls on you!

Weariness can bring it’s own sort of distress.

when my heart gets weary

and I cannot seem to breath

my soul whispers hope


It’s inside your heart, you know. The determination and ability you need to carry on. In spite of fatigue, weariness and the feeling of being completely overwhelmed with life. Your life, in particular.

Look inward. It’s there. It’s been there in the past and it’ll be there again. Waiting to shore you up, strengthen your resolve and assist you with some common sense problem solving and solutions, so life doesn’t seem so out of control.

Good Luck, I know you can do this. After all it’s a good thing for you … to take care of you!

With affection,

~ Penny

13 thoughts on “Calling on Hope … or perhaps Hope calls on you!

    • Thank you. I was just saying to Lulu here in the comment section that there were times in my life I’d have given anything for ‘any’ positive support. But (like others, you and I know) I had to find it within myself to carry on. So to pass on this counsel now is very important to me. I am more pleased than you can know that my words have been of some value to you, LuAnn, my so dearest friend!

  1. I hope you had a great Christmas Penny and my best wishes for 2015.
    I agree we do have within us all we need to carry on in the face of adversity, though there are times when our greatest resolve is needed to find that strength.
    Best wishes Penny.

    • Hi Michael, I did, hoping yours was equally wonderful. I wish you a fantastic New Year, filled with lots of good things.

      As always your words carry much wisdom, Michael. Resolve is indeed often the difference needed, as you say, my dear friend. Love to you, Penny

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