“New” and what it does for you!

Nothing new under the sun or

… is there?


When you’re a child everything is new. Everything. And sparkling eyes look out at the world with wonder. It’s a new place filled with mystery and adventure and magic. Especially magic. All new and wonderful!

And then we grow up and life gets more serious; for some, sooner than for others, wonderment begins to fade until it does seem like there’s nothing new under the sun. But this isn’t true, not really.

Each day you awaken to a NEW day and a new you. And each thought you have (while others may have had it also) it’s a new thought for you. In this new year, how about bringing back some of the magic and wonder into your life? Throw out cynicism and lack of faith. Begin by believing in yourself and what you can do to improve things.

It is a new year and a new day. How about this new you waiting inside? How about a new attitude ~ One filled with gratitude, joy, laughter, lots of love and lots and lots of creativity and magic (those two go together)! Come on, you can do it.

Lets make it happen,

~ Penny

14 thoughts on ““New” and what it does for you!

    • So true, Alastair. It can seem a trial, and I think one the determinants working again us is ourselves and the emotional baggage we all seem to have a problem with letting go. So here’s to leaving the baggage at the train station (someone else can have it, lol!) πŸ™‚ XO

  1. I read just a couple of days ago that people who record three things each day for which they are grateful tend to be happier. That’s a pretty easy thing to do.

    • I like it Lulu. It sounds like a good thing to do. Years ago (I’d been ill for a bit) I reversed my thanks or gratitude for me, and instead would think of positive hopes and wishes (one at the time) for each and all that came to mind (people, animals, life) whether I knew them or not. I always felt better afterwards. A different way of looking at things. Sending positive thoughts through the airways, lol!

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