Perhaps we worry ‘not enough’ or ‘too much’ or …?

Wondering and Worries

“My mind, it wanders as I wonder … about tomorrows, all our tomorrows!” ~ Penny L Howe, 2015


ย It’s hard to know how to feel on any given day. Change is happening so quickly these days.

I’m thinking that maybe I’ll think on things a little less and make the best of each day that comes my way!

I hope your week has been a prosperous one for you, take time to smell the flowers, enjoy one another and of course as always … to take care of you!

with much affection,

~ Penny

17 thoughts on “Perhaps we worry ‘not enough’ or ‘too much’ or …?

  1. Penny, I hope by now your family is recovering from the flu. I have met several people who have been ill for a two-week stretch. I have always been accused of being ‘in my head’ too much, thinking and worrying, and meditation has helped me with that. Living in the present moment, acknowledging all my feelings is an ongoing process but I believe has helped me to live a calmer life. Take care!

    • Thanks LuAnn, we are all doing much better. You know, I wonder why some (like you and I) and others feel the need to think thru things so much and others hardly at all. Most curious isn’t it? I am glad you’ve benefited from meditation and living in the now. Good things. Much affection to you. xx

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