Today is National Hug Day 2015 – Start hugging now!

Yes, today is “officially” National Hug Day for the year 2015 and while I think every day should be hug day and everyone should hug one another “frequently” for those who need another reason to hug, here it is!

Have a wonderful day everyone, filled with love and of course just oodles of hugs, because it is a very very wonderful thing!

With much affection, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

~ Penny

44 thoughts on “Today is National Hug Day 2015 – Start hugging now!

    • Hi Lauren, thank you. Lots of hugs to you also dear friend. xxx I’m looking forward to purchasing your next book, and hope your daughter is doing well. Much love to you and your family. πŸ’•πŸ’–

      • I was in G+ and saw this post. Soooo I thought I’d pop over and give you a hug. I hope you & C are well and 2015 is being good to you both. Happy blogging ! xox ❀

        • Thank you so much Ralph. We are well, flu not withstanding, we all just got over it, lol I hope 2015 is a great year for you too. All our love, hope to be more interactive with blogging and visiting 😞 this year, really dropped the ball there. Take care of you, love, Penny and C ( she made sure I included her, lol)πŸ’—xox

          • I’m pleased that you got over the flu Penny. I’ve been fine except for my hands which the hospital has still to fix. I missed you both 😦 xox ❀

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