Staying Creatively Involved – in a Social Media Overloaded World!



Why do we blog or tweet, share videos, stories, photographs, quotes and so on? Why? Well I’ve narrowed it down to three main reasons.

The first is desiring the activity itself of social interaction and connecting. The second reason is to sell something.

But the third reason is the one I find most compelling. And I think the truest reason that most of us (non-retail) people engage with social media. It is the very real and personal need to share ourselves with others. For others to know about us and how we feel about things, and to care.

We’re human and we need to be needed, appreciated, understood and considered to have value. Reaching out in the world of social media, in general, brings an interaction of like-minded people sharing ideas, opinions and creativity. Some of it’s bad, because there are a few out there who want to upset the apple cart, but most are like us, and they care and want the same in return.

As social media platforms morph and change, hang on to your personal sense of creativity; that is to say – how you feel about sharing. Because it’s working and your words and content do and are making a positive difference (even if you think otherwise).

We do need each other. And All are important in the scheme of “life’s” things.

I wish everyone a wonderful week ahead, may it be positive, creative and filled with love.


With affection,

~ Penny

18 thoughts on “Staying Creatively Involved – in a Social Media Overloaded World!

  1. I am still trying to balance everything going on in my life right now. One thing I know for sure, I greatly missed connecting with other bloggers when I stepped away.

    • Hi LuAnn, it is difficult at times, I miss much of the exchange with fellow ‘creatives’. Still wanting an artist retreat, as in days of yore, lol. Hang in, it will balance out. Promise!

  2. You are so right, those of us who blog know that the connections we make are real and important.
    I thought of you today when I read of Avaaz’s latest campaign, three resolutions for 2015.
    I pledge to live more by these 3 principles in 2015: to show kindness and respect, strive for wisdom, and practice gratitude:
    You may wish to look it up. I’m signed up of course!
    All the best to you
    Sally 🙂

  3. I went on Twitter the other day for the first time in ages, there seems to be so little time to keep on top of WP, let alone everything else but it is nice to be out and about and keep in touch with people without an agenda, just to be me. I think these days we spend more time with people miles away than we do with people in our own towns, funny that but then again if you lived around Mansfield you may also look away from the place!

    • Nut… Hi SteJ. Your words are true even for those not in Mansfield, lol. Figuring out how to have it all fit into personal goals is the trick I think. Hope you’re doing well, or better than well, and we always have our books. Some days that sustains me. :)xxx

      • If it weren’t for books, eh! I am doing alright, hunting for that structure this year to get me in the mood to write and then lookingat my bank balance really really hard as well as if it will add another zero to the (right) end. I hope you are also well my ddear friend. xxx

    • Hi Horty, thank you, as always, for your reblog. I know you agree. I get a fair amount of emails from frustrated bloggers and tweeters, who speak of not being heard or getting their message/word out. We gotta just keep on keeping on! Hope your week is going well for you. ☺xx

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