The Thing is … Are We Lost or What?


And the other thing is we all know it’s true. At least those of us being honest with ourselves. today’s mess came about slowly and in a rather insidious manner as we in the “civilized societies” became accustomed to listening, then viewing, then participating in the latest great new commercial thing, including gas guzzling or electronic machinery and now modern technology.

Problem is we haven’t kept pace, in terms of full awareness and understanding of “effects” that so many of these ever increasing “modern” changes have caused to our lifestyles. Mega Industries whipping out processed food (with much of the natural things leeched out and many artificial chemical preservatives added). The never ending new tech. devices. plastic toys, plastic wrap and plastic bottles (plastic everything actually) all for the sake of convenience creating an out of control approach to what we eat, how we eat and when we eat. How we do, what we do and when we do it.

The breakdown of many family units who struggle, on the one hand to keep up, but meanwhile seem to be able to have many of the technological devices (at the expense of more debt). And meanwhile most of the people on the planet are poor, or much worse. Our responsibility – YES! Because it is the mega companies going into these emerging countries (as well as our own) that, in many cases have increased their poverty through irresponsible activities so their gigantic concerns can make more money!

Everything is so mixed up. Billions are wasted annually, by our government to “protect” us. But nobody’s really keeping an eye on how the money is being spent and why.

The oceans are filled with plastic refuse and other waste, detritus and litter. We’re using up our “fresh” water at an alarming rate. We’re poisoning our lands and killing millions of creatures annually through neglect and careless decision making.

I could go on and on. But we already know these things. Take our great country of USA. I am proud to be an American, and of the bravery of our soldiers who’ve been sent to foreign shores, many to not return, or who return wounded (and should be honored and helped, not forgotten as many are). But I’m increasingly ashamed of my government. Who seems to be oblivious to the damage we’re doing to ourselves and our lands.

Politicians (for the most part) are more concerned with being re-elected and keeping their salary or are power hungry and all to frequently buying or should I say selling into those gigantic mega International Conglomerates, I mentioned earlier, because of financial support they will receive. We’re pretty sure if a politician speaks we’re being lied to. And for good cause.

If a politician isn’t busy being involved with cultivating people and influence then they appear to spend the rest of their time pointing fingers and accusing those with whom they are in disagreement. To the end nothing much gets accomplished at the government level, except chaos, confusion and disagreement. And I believe this is true in many other countries as well. Money, commercialization, commodities, greed, and the need for having it all, have replaced many important values we as a people need in order to survive and thrive.

We have lost our way, and I’m fearful that it will take some severe natural disaster for us to come to our senses and work together again, as we always do in times of crisis and disaster – and why is that, anyway … why can we only be good to each other when conditions are extreme?

What’s the next step? What can we do to help? I don’t have an answer, I feel in many ways I’m just one of the many that is part of the problem here and unless we the people, unified can come to a consensus and make some hard choices to change our current out of control lifestyles (so filled with daily waste and neglect), to work on improving our attitudes about one another, I fear things are not going to improve any time soon. In my opinion.

And I’m an optimist by nature, so that’s saying something. I hope my words hold some value and you’ll consider them carefully. I do believe each of us can make small changes that can be of help and I know there are those doing that very thing. So I stay hopeful in spite of all my words above.

I do believe in mankind, although I also believe it is time for more women to be in positions of power. We’re more empathetic, more willing to listen to other viewpoints besides our own, and (because we bring life into the world) are far less likely to see war and the killing of innocent lives as a solution to things. Again in my humble opinion, only.


~ Penny

8 thoughts on “The Thing is … Are We Lost or What?

  1. Hi Penny, wow! You have certainly been thinking about these points long and hard, for the most point I agree with you. About artificial things in foods and about politicians motives, certainly. One thing I have to say is; modern (technology) has helped me to heal and feel better and love my life so much more. In virtual, I have found my own reality. I was born for the new technological age. It makes me feel good to be social online and sometimes people on social media seem to understand me more than offline people and a lot of online people, have become more of a friend to me than many offline people.

      • Thanks Penny. Especially for saying I have an excellent reality. I make fiction a reality for me, in my World Of Quirky – You gotta quirky it UP! Yes, that’s my idea for the title of my Quirky song, that I can’t sing, ha! It will have to be a vLog or blog post title instead.

  2. Bravo Penny. So many problems yet we all tend to ignor them and feel powerless to change them. It takes commitment to change what you have control over…your attitude, your support for needy causes, your vote, your personal responsibility to become less dependent on big companies/financial creditors like VISA and Mastercard/government. I could go on and on but we’d have another blog if I did. Thank you for addressing these issues. Susan:)

  3. I think people are awakening to what is going on and what is done in their name and are beginning to take action to change the trend. The question is whether it will be enough soon enough. And also whether those who currently wield the power primarily for their own agendas will be prepared to let it go without a fight. Looking around the globe, listening to and reading voices here on WP and elsewhere, there is hope. We just have to keep at it and proclaim the need for change and implement it where we can. This post itself gives me hope that there are many awakening. Thank you.

    • I agree with every single word you wrote here. There are many who feel as we do and the numbers are growing daily. Like you, this is my hope as well. Thank you for expressing it so well. xx

  4. One of my biggest concerns is that we’re all just one germ away from near-decimation; a global pandemic akin to the 14th century bubonic plague that ravaged Europe and India or the 1918 – 19 Spanish flu. With the Earth becoming more crowded and people therefore using up more vital resources, it’s really just a matter of time before a truly vicious microbe enters the bloodstream of humanity.

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