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When I think of ink, scribes come to mind. Industrious, hardworking individuals who over the millennium painstakingly wrote down historical happenings for the preservation of events and beliefs of the time. Even today if one thinks about ink (unless you’re a printer) you associate it with the writer and his or her written words.

Originally, every written word laid down by a scribe was a work of art, not just the words themselves but also the beauty of their hand written script and scholarly works of art referred to as illuminated manuscripts.

Ink is life’s blood or liquid essence to writer/artisans. It always has been and always will be. Where would Shakespeare or Mozart have been without ink? Yes ink, containing within its elements the amazing magic to convert creative thoughts and ideas into physical reality. And that’s pretty darn awesome, if you ask me. (writer and an artist)


Recently I was contacted by Global Scribes™ (A nonprofit organization which fosters global unity by connecting youth to build cultural understanding and worldwide community through the beauty and the power of the written word). As a result, I have participated in a few creative writing projects for them. Including the short piece you just read “INK”.

If, like myself you are interesting in helping a  nonprofit group that fosters and actively encourages creativity in our youth around this amazing planet of ours, I strongly recommend you become involved as well. Contact them at Global Scribes™ . You won’t regret it. Global Scribes is new, young, flexible and appreciating all of the help they can get growing Awareness and Participation. 

Most sincerely,

Penny L Howe

16 thoughts on “INK – and Global

  1. Hello Penny,
    I read this post and found it most interesting. Currently I teach English in Kazan, Russia. My students are from 11-17 year old kids. I contacted Global Scribes to find out more but thought if you have contact with them you might be able to share a few of your thoughts about them.
    Thanks, Steve

    • Hi Steve. Thank you for your comments. When I first heard of Global Scribes I was curious, myself, as to their (Those involved) story and goals. I’ve had several positive conversations, via the Internet, with Cynthia English, the founder and am very impressed with what they’ve undertaken to do. My personal background is in small business start-ups and marketing, so I myself am used to seeing each person as an individual with potential. To see this same mentality as it relates to the youth of our planet is wonderful. This organization is young, and in my opinion will grow quickly. They’ve done they’re homework and as a Non Governmental Organization they’ve chosen, what I also believe, the correct route to take. They are promoting many creative and positive interactions/connections for our youth.

      This is a group whose time is now and I’m pleased by anything I can personally do to assist in their growth! Many of the children and young adults of our planet already view us (humans) as a global entity. The encouragement and involvement Global Scribes offers to our youth, most especially in the crafting of creative endeavors through word power, is exciting to me.

      I’m hoping you will continue to communicate with Global Scribes and that both you and your students will reach the decision that this is a “very good thing” for you as well. If I can personally be of any further assistance to you Steve, you’ve but to ask.

      Most sincerely,

  2. As a person who makes modern versions of FRAKTUR art and documents I know how INK is such a permanent thing when it is absorbed by 100% cotton paper. You have to scrape of the layer of paper the remove it. Then I imagine myself as a medieval scribe and making a mistake on a biblical text etc. LOL Itinerant FRAKTUR artists in central PA made plenty of mistakes in their Gothic calligraphy I have had to start all over at times to recreate a document surrounded by my artwork. Ugh!

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