I Had Planned on Writing Something Different Here, but …



… I read something that made me change my mind.

Funny how that can happen. You’re all prepared to go ahead with plans and then something untoward will occur and there you are frozen where you stand or onto a new and different pathway of being or direction of heading. Serendipity is a great word when things occur that change your life in a happy way. Fate seems to be the word we use when sudden change brings about things that are less than cheerful … or worse.

And yet, having said all that and having lived through a few both serendipitous and fate oriented experiences I must say that I believe there is an undercurrent or relationship to those things that mold and shape us – our life experiences – that is still a rather large unknown.

We, humans, will analyze the heck out of a thing to figure it out and when we are still unsure it becomes a magical unknown. Speaking for myself, I rather like the magical unknowns. It is wearisome to try to determine the how and why when we are so easily influenced by our emotions that insist on getting involved too. Then you find yourself dealing not only with the circumstances of an event but also your own feelings. Guilt, Anger, Depression, Hurt and so on.


Now that I have your undivided attention …


We are easily influenced. I believe I already mentioned that … Still it’s worth mentioning again … and the words I read earlier now make me want to write the following to pass on to you:


“Yesterday is there for a reason. It’s over with. The past. Record the events in your mind, file them in the proper place and move on. Really move on. Let go your susceptible emotions still hanging in there. Recognize them for what they are, then let go and move on.

You are now living in the today of things. This is where you should be too. Not yesterday. Yesterday is for memories and reminders, but not negative emotions clogging up your today. Let go so that when tomorrow comes, you’ll be ready, or as ready as the magical unknown allows you to be – lol.”


Have a great week ahead everyone.

With much affection,

~ Penny

24 thoughts on “I Had Planned on Writing Something Different Here, but …

  1. Hi Penny… I love your thoughts and particularly those ones regarding the magical unknowns.I think that they have the potential for us to discover them and that´s what make them so special… They are there, but I ´d say that we create them somehow… Great reading!.
    Wishing you a wonderful friday and weekend ahead. Aquileana 😎

    • Hi Aquileana, thank you and I agree. The scientific part of myself tends to merge with the creative part of me and come up with the same conclusions. Also creativity from others already existing, connects with us too, whimsically as muses, or perhaps not so whimsical. Existing, but still an unknown to us as to the how!

      You as well, my friend. A great day and excellent tomorrows! xxx

  2. I love it when my inner voice tells me to do something different than I had planned. It means someone meant to read the blog needed to hear a different message. Thanks for writing this and reminding me. 🙂

    • You’re welcome. It actually did happen that way Susan. I stopped to read something (that was a little bit upsetting) and then I realized where both my thoughts and emotions were headed, hence this blog post. I am glad it worked for you also, my friend! 🙂

  3. We will obsess about the negative things of yesteryear more than we will enjoy the happy things of t’other day. I wonder why we seem programmed to torture ourselves so, when we could just choose to move on, then again we tend to see defining moments as things that shocked us or were bad, in most cases. A cup of tea, a catch up with friends and home to a good book would cure society of most of its ills I think.

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