What do you really see in the world today and does it matter?



In your daily activities, do you see the image of the thing or the thing itself! Life is life. People are people. Things are just things! Getting our priorities in order will hopefully be what puts humanity back on course.

Some saw it coming, the age of large industrial companies and now technological corporations as well, multinational megalithic companies employing 9 to 5 (or longer hrs) workers (hence an outdated school system that hasn’t kept pace but keeps churning out children to be workers for others), removal from home environments in country settings and removal, for many people, from nature itself. The abuse going on with each other, with wild animals, with our lands and seas, wouldn’t be happening if we (all of us) were paying attention and not so intensely focused on those created images manufactured to sell the next new latest, greatest thing! Things. Lots and lots of things.

We have to re-energize our souls. Stop the hate, which achieves nothing but more hate. Stop the killing. It’s wrong :period: Begin again by paying attention to what matters. Family, friends, neighborhoods, communities and yes the manner in which we are governed. The purpose of having governments is to protect the rights of it’s citizens. This cannot happen when governments and politicians around the world are controlled by big business interests, which they are. As are the wars and the subsequent poverty in emerging countries by willful disregard for the needs of the locals when big business moves in.

There is so much raw potential in the human spirit to make a positive difference in our world today. Truly awesome, but it cannot continue on it’s current path.


If mother nature had a form

mayhaps she’d be a tree,

or a little garden worm

but not the likes of ……me or thee!

Penny L Howe, 2015


I know there are many who feel as I do, I am hopeful the number of passionate people for intelligent change on our planet continues to grow, just as life should be allowed to do!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you’re enjoying your weekend – have a great week ahead and as always take care of you!

With much affection,

~ Penny


23 thoughts on “What do you really see in the world today and does it matter?

    • Christina and I were just making a short list of those friends who are sincere that we adore online. Guess who’s on top, fav. neighb? You are always sincere, honest loving and a sweety and yes, you definitely keep the faith, in the very best of ways RoSy. πŸ™‚ xo

  1. Penny, we should be on the same side of the barricades but we need to be more nuanced here. Edward Snowden did not expose massive surveillance of U.S. citizens by U.S. corporations. He exposed massive surveillance by the U.S. Government, which coerced and blackmailed corporations to help in the task. We have a dysfunctional government that is running amok. Moreover, we also have a financial elite in the TBTF banks that have captured the regulators and have overweening power. However, there are also corporations such a Apple, which have, albeit inadvertently, done more to alleviate world poverty then all the largest charities put together. The situation is grey, not black and white.

    • Malcolm, I’m betting we (you and I could get into a real heck of a discussion here, my friend. And I’m thinking we probably are on the same side of things in general. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the word nuances when we’re speaking of human lives, although I get your points regarding governmental controls. However, some of the International Corporate entities are out of control and you and I both know this. Also greed is too prevalent and empathy not so much. Even Stephen Hawkings addressed this just last week saying the same thing.

      After my overview I was addressing the individual here. And what we each might do to change our future for the better. I respect both you and your opinions, we differ on a couple points is all! Thank you for your thoughts. I do appreciate them … and you. ☺

  2. I am firmly entrenched in your camp Penny. I have always loved nature but moving towards the lifestyle we now embrace has raised my awareness of the needs of our planet and our own personal needs. I have replaced things with experiences; I have replaced stress and busyness with silence, reflection, and deep feeling.

  3. We are all quite the mess, but we trudge on. I firmly believe that God runs this show and that we do not even begin to understand it. Say what you will – all of this matters, but doesn’t.
    I do hope that our current trend toward chaos ends, but I don’t see it when I look.

  4. So very written from the heart, and a wise one at that. Also, I keep thinking of that amazing film, “My Dinner With Andre” when I read articles and blogs such as yours. Have you seen it? I hope you don’t mind a link to one particular scene…here it is:

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