How Many Trees …



How many trees to be counted? How many trees to survive? How many trees just won’t make it? How many will still be alive? How many will be felled and forgotten, more (this I know) than a few. I’ve worried, oh yes, how I’ve worried – and don’t know what to do. I thought and thought as I walked and walked though the snow hanging onto my shoes. There seems, well so many, but if there weren’t any, What … then what … would we do?

How many trees must humanity use, too many to so abuse. But at this rate, it seems much to late, and their fate is what we choose. And sadly our own … we all lose.

as numbering trees
number humanity’s days
a sadness for life


Deforestation is a reality on the planet earth. Since we (all living things) need the trees to sustain our life, it is indeed a great sadness. As his Honorable Dalai Lama said. “In our own homes we do not throw the furniture we need into the fireplace to burn up, why would we do this to our home, the planet earth?” A good question don’t you  think?


Thank you for reading, I hope my words today give you some “food for thought”!

With much affection,

~ Penny




24 thoughts on “How Many Trees …

    • That is good news, Malcolm. Living in the Northwest, we do have many trees here, for certain! I recently read an article in the National Geographic about deforestation in many other countries around our globe to increase pasture land for grazing cattle. As I have a fair amount of international readers my focus was in this area. Hoping you have a positive and productive week ahead! 🙂

  1. Was actually listening to a BBC Natural History podcast about Mahogany and the difficulties that species is facing, you don’t really think of trees going extinct but this is a possibility unless better forestry management is used and illegal felling stopped

    • Thank you, Ute. Indeed we humans are an oddity at best, at least with some of the things we do. Well, at least many of us are very loveable, like you, dearest friend. Have a wonderful week, hugs xo

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