Being Female ~ Man’s Dichotomy


The thing is
we (females) struggle with our place, in the order of things, every day. And men struggle with it too.

We understand the biology of things regarding the female body and the emotion of things, regarding falling in love. Also the nurturing of life and the spirituality of things.

It’s the fourth aspect of things where we run into problems. That is to say “perceived vs actual societal roles” related to our own personal desires for ourselves.

And while we females work this out (and we are), it remains difficult and confusing for all of us.

Perhaps more so for men than women. Bottom line here (I love the term “bottom line” because it means we’re  getting to the heart of the issue) I sum up in the follow haiku:

being female
independently human
man’s dichotomy

~ Plh

Thank you for stopping by, have a great weekend, hang in there!

With affection

19 thoughts on “Being Female ~ Man’s Dichotomy

  1. His dichotomy, indeed. I would love to see total balance achieved between the sexes, where we complemented each other, recognising each other’s skills and weakness, rather than engaging in competition for dominance over each other. It’s all so tiring and pointless.

  2. Oh, this is beautiful. I have been reading a lot of negative comments about strong women ( feminist and those perceived to be) it is very frustrating.
    Thank you for the text Penny!

      • Yes, it is …we need equal pay first and foremost. It seems feminism has gotten a bad name… some folks are stuck back in the sixties and still think we are burning our bra. lol.

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