Keep Playing Your Song


The music in your soul comes from your loving heartor perhaps it’s the other way around, no matter, keep playing your beautiful song for everyone to hear.” Plh

Never forget you are uniquely you.

You’re special, individual,  and one of a kind.

And I find that to be absolutely wonderful.

Have a great weekend and remember … take care of you.

With much affection,
~ Penny

14 thoughts on “Keep Playing Your Song

    • Thanks LuAnn. You and I have got to play catch up soon with one another. In the meantime, yes keep working on your beautiful song of life. LuAnn. Your life, after all. Should be your song you’re singing … my very dear and special sister, friend! 🙂 xo

      • Yes we do. I have been laying low recently, taking care of a health challenge, but all is good. Hope you and your family are doing well. Much love to you!

  1. People have always called me special and then patted me on the head, not quite the same thing but free pats are always good looking on the positive side. You are awesome my friend, keep it up and remember how awesome you are. You’re always telling us but perhaps we don’t tell you enough. xx

    • Hi SteJ. Thank you … you’re definitely awesome also. At least from my view of things! I’ve got a pretty good view too! Take care of you dear and special friend! Much love … xxx

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you Penny, we all have our own, beautiful song. It’s beauty is enhanced by people like you, who accept one another’s song’s. Stay being you xx

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