Every Living Thing Has a Story to Tell.


Every living thing on our planet has an involvement they share in. A story to tell. Even those that are silent“~Plh

To use a bit of a metaphor here, many of us have moved too far away from our roots. And its hurting us … as a species. We are as irrevocably connected to the flora, fauna and wildlife as they are to us. Fact, not some idealistic fantasy.

The biodiversity health of our planet is dependent on the ongoing natural interaction of all life. And for quite awhile we’ve been messing with nature inappropriately.

Something we all need to not just be thinking more about, but actually doing something. NOW. We need to begin today. Its important for all our tomorrows.

In fact, probably more than we realize.
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14 thoughts on “Every Living Thing Has a Story to Tell.

  1. My story today – losing an arm & a leg on a new water heater.
    But – hey – we will have our hot water back soon!
    The perks of owning a home – eh? πŸ˜‰

  2. Definitely more than many know or seem to care. If we care about our children and grandchildren, shouldn’t we care about nurturing the place we all call home?

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