Bloggaria ~ A fairy tale of bloggers! Introduction

Throwback Thursday – Once upon a time there was a group of awesome bloggers, and they’re still around (Clicking on their fairy tale name will take you to their actual blog ‘in most cases’)! Two years later – there are even more awesome bloggers! In honor of all bloggers (with some fantasy fun thrown in) I’m reblogging “Bloggaria” Hope you enjoy! 🙂 Penny

The Why About This

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, (I always wanted to write those words) there lived a beautiful princess and a handsome prince. But this story is not about them. We already know they lived happily ever after, as is the way with such things.

This cute and sweet, yet powerful and moving tale takes place in Bloggaria where the land proliferates with active and happy Bloggers. A most joyous place to be. There were constantly those from elsewhere always relocating to Bloggaria. Yahooians, even people from the mighty Googlanations would show up with all their talents requesting refuge, the Youtubians most frequently.

Of course the Bloggarians (henceforth known as bloggers) never said no, filled with love and tenderness they never turned anyone away. They were gentle and big hearted people who loved to share their land with others. Their motto “Ad blog est ad amorem, ad blog…

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