There Is This …To Light Up Your Life


When we hold onto beauty of life
   … with our eyes
   … with thoughts & actions
       and our hearts
We light up our lives & our souls!” ~ Plh


Have a most wonderful weekend, my global friends, take care of you!

with much affection,
~ Penny

14 thoughts on “There Is This …To Light Up Your Life

    • Hello LuAnn. yes I think so and I know you feel that way. Happy belated 4th. I hope you were able to enjoy the holiday. It’s been so darn hot here in the 100+ degrees for weeks now, a few times over 110. So the celebration was less than usual. We’re in a pocket of sorts here, so our weather is usually the hottest for the whole state! 😦

      • We were able to enjoy the 4th, although it was quiet where we were. No fireworks allowed due to the burn ban but still lovely. I am sad to say that our journey will not take us near Richland this summer, as we are heading to the San Juan Islands for a volunteer stint. I have asked Terry to look at our route on the return to see how close we might be. Hope the weather improves for you soon. We are near the coast so it hasn’t been bad at all. Wish I could send some cooler weather your way.

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