Take Time to Refresh, Renew and Wonder!


“For me, rain brings a feeling of renewal. A cleansing, a scrubbing away of yesterday’s woes.

For a child, its one more thing of joy and wonder!” ~ Plh

Today, take some time to renew, refresh, enjoy and above all, wonder – at the mysteries of life!

Hope your week is going well, take care of you.

With affection,
~ Penny

12 thoughts on “Take Time to Refresh, Renew and Wonder!

  1. Getting out deep into nature does it for me! Also walks in the rain, which I just did this morning in Port Townsend. 🙂 Have a great Sunday Penny. {Hugs}

    • Hi LuAnn, thanks, I did. It’s cooling down (well, at least it’s below 100 :)! ) I so agree with you, nothing better than being absorbed by nature! Have an excellent week! Thanks for the hugs, they’re great! Sending same to you! xox

  2. I am romanced by the rain. Today the kids and I purposely walked around while it was raining – a light drizzle. They love it as much as I do! Hope you have a beautiful day!

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