I Remember When


Every now and then
I remember when
it simple used to be
in thinking I was free ♡…


…life it all has changed
and has rearranged,
or is it really me,
yes, now at last I see ♡…


… freedom has a price
one we all must pay,
care for one another
every single day ♡…


… we can not survive
if hate and greed fill hearts,
freedom only works
if we’re not torn in parts ♡… ~ Plh


We are all of ONE Worldwide Community ~ let us care for one another! ♡

Be good to you too, have a great week ahead!

Thank you,
~ Penny

21 thoughts on “I Remember When

    • Truth RoSy, because when one thinks of it, as children (most of us) have the opportunity of innocence, seeing things from an uncloudly, unbiased view of the world, sigh. 🙂 xo

  1. Beautifully penned poem. I like how you interspersed images with your stanzas.What you say is so true. Simplicity returns some with retirement but it is never as simple as it was when you are a child.

  2. when life was simple, it’s great to be free and we can make everyday a joy (after the work bit) if we just interact and care. I once bought a bloke a pint in a pub, sat on his own he was with a 60th birthday pint glass. It turns out he always brings it in, you have to admire that sort of plan. I’m sure that little story has some sort of relevance, it did when i started typing it. xx

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