Forever and Always In My Heart ~

Sleep now … my love,
I’m keeping you forever and always,
in dreams, and memories
the beating of my heart keeping endless time to the rhythm of your soul.
Your words penned from far away,
so very lovely,
for eyes to see,
for mind to dwell on
and heart to feel …
Fitting in most perfectly
with the reoccurring memory of being in your arms.
Sleep now, my love,
within the heart there is a place that has no knowledge of separation.
And so we will always find each other in our arms …
held safely fast,  protected from all harm,
never truly alone in our forever love.
~ Penny

13 thoughts on “Forever and Always In My Heart ~

    • Thank you Debby. Such lovely praise and very much appreciated. Yes, very intuitive of you, there is a personal aspect to this one. And I’m sure when it was read by the individual in question it was understood, for what wasn’t said!♡

  1. There are times, my sweet Penny, when you bring a tear to my eye.
    This speaks of memories that never fade, never die.
    Most of us have too few of these.
    And we treasure them forever, with love.

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