When Elephants Cry


Did you know that elephants cry?

They do. And even though many scientists attempt to scientifically explain away these reoccurring elephant tears towards a non emotional based rationale, most people do recognize the truth.

Elephants are intelligent, caring and loving mammals. Period!

Which leads me to wonder if they know of their own plight towards extinction. Don’t  be too quick to discount the wisdom in nature.


I believe, at some level of awareness they do know, as do other damaged and endangered species.

My hope and dream is that we can do more to stop and overcome the cruelty and killing of not only our own kind but all life on this, our awesome planet.

“When the heart is filled with love embracing life, there is still room for caring and sharing … always.” ~ Plh

Thank you,
~ Penny

24 thoughts on “When Elephants Cry

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  2. Thanks for this beautiful post. It is so saddening that these wonderful creatures are tortured and treated so cruelly. My eyes were full of tears while watching this video. Will humans ever learn? There are too many greedy ones out there. Writing about the elephants’ plight may help. I sure hope so. Awareness can be a mighty weapon, if the right people step up and do something about this problem.

    • I agree with you completely.and stay hopeful too. I believe awareness can filter into the subconscious of humans including those who can and will truly make a positive difference, like us. Thank you so much for sharing your caring thoughts. I appreciate your words and you.♡

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  4. I think Elephants are incredible creatures and they are exceedingly intelligent. There is a video of a herd of elephants working together to save a baby one from drowning. There was also the one in 2004 that saved the little girl by turning around and taking the brunt of the wave itself to protect the eight year old.
    An elephant goes into a sanctuary, and when the old handler is crying because it is the last time he will look after her, the elephant is crying as well. That is emotion.

    This is beautiful:

  5. All animals have feelings and a even better heart loving heart than some people. We can learn lessons from them. And we need to protect them and not kill for pleasure , like tigers etc. All of them have aright to live just like we have. Thanks for reminding all of us .

    • So true and well said, Ute. Thank you. My words a small difference but as more and more of us believe in change and live our words (as do you) we will be able to end this unfortunately phase of humanity learning it’s proper place regarding the sanctity of all life.♡

  6. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading about elephants tonight and apart from the other higher primates the elephant has the longest developmental childhood because they have so much to learn to be adults, 90 different tree species rely on the elephant to seed and the whole troop helps to raise the young.
    It is such a shame that we could lose this wonderful animal in the wild in our lifetimes.

    • Hello Frank. I agree with you. They are truly amazing animals indeed. I stay hopeful that it’s not too late, that more and more of us will speak out and initiate positive action. I believe we are and this will continue to grow to a positive end!♡

  7. Hi Penny: I do agree, people seem to think that animal have no feeling and that they are stupid. Well shame on them. Animals
    have feeling and are much smarter than human being. They know when to stop eating when they are full, not like human
    being when the re full and still keep eating, that just an example I could keep on going. I m sure everyone reading will get the
    point so the scientist that don t think that elephants cry are full of bologna. You catch my drift. Hope you have a nice day. So long for now. Suzanne

    Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2015 20:12:19 +0000
    To: sue_mce@hotmail.com

  8. Elephants are amazing and very intelligent, they grieve their dead intensely, many animals grieve their dead as well. Animals have emotions that exceed instinct. When will we ever learn? Save the Elephant and all species from extinction, Man is the only one who can do this.

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