What You Hold In Your Hands!


What you hold in your heart … the potential for unconditional love.

What you hold in your soul … the potential for neverending gratitude.

What you hold in your hands … A Universe of Possibilities!”~ Plh

You are awesome and when it comes to positive change, you make it happen!

You Do!

Hoping your week is going well for you!
With much love and affection,

10 thoughts on “What You Hold In Your Hands!

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  2. HI penny: A little anecdote last Friday my neighbor came to see me she was doing a surprise party for her husband 50th birthday. She said : Can you help she was surprise how I could keep up with her. Allthe guess which there was 50 they said :You re doing a great job even the son of the birthday person was please with my work. I even help with doing the fruit platters. She was so impress I want to cometo help with cleaning the house. The best part about this is that I did not value myself> It fell good to hearyour doing a great job. I even got paid very well. Like you mentioned in your previous post if you don t valuewho do it. ? It s always nice to have a pat in the back. So long for now. Have a nice evening. Suzanne

    Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2015 18:44:24 +0000
    To: sue_mce@hotmail.com

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