Love, The Most Fundamental Need


Love ~ the most fundamental need we all have. To know we’re not alone but cared for by others.” ~Plh

Reach out, share your love. It will be returned. I can’t think of a better viral epidemic than the spreading of love around our planet. A global imperative for health and happiness.

When we love, we care. When we care we help. We help with the stopping of greed, cruelty, poverty, famine, hunger and senseless loss of life.

Love can do all that, on a global scale, yes it can!


8 thoughts on “Love, The Most Fundamental Need

  1. Reminded me of the song Love Changes Everything from Aspects of Love

    “Love, love changes everything.
    Hands and faces
    Earth and sky
    Love, love changes everything
    How you live and
    How you die.”

  2. Hi Penny:Love is not only for the human being, it s also for animals too. During the summer I walked my neighbor s dogs. One member of the family was gone on vacation the other was at work. I would walk 2 a day, and also stay a little while after each walk. When I was not there during the day they make a mess in the kitchen the 1 and the no 2. One of the member got frustrated he said ” We ll have to stop you from walking with the dogs being they listened to you more than us. Well I wonder why?Since then they have started walking them even though it s a little shorter than where I d bring them and they are not giving them a surprise. So whenever peoplesay ” Animals are not very smart” well I have news for you. Have a nice day. Suzanne

    Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2015 04:18:03 +0000

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