When Did It Become Okay?


When did it become okay to eat chemically processed food? Food that we know, for a fact is chemically processed, but oh so amazingly  convenient – a part of our modern addictive lifestyle and easily available with very little effort on our part.

What is food today in Consumer Land (you know – right here, right now)?

Food (a loose interpretation): Items bought packaged for longer shelf life in megastores and minimarts. Food bought at fast food locations. Food grown and sprayed with poisonous pesticides and processed using artificial methods and mutiple chemical additives for flavor enhancements and longevity.


When did it become okay to make money off of treating and healing sick people? Or worse, not seeing them at all if they haven’t got the right insurance.

When did it become okay to not be able to afford to take your animal to the vet? When did it become okay to buy products (almost everything) with built-in, short term obsolescence … guaranteeing you’ll buy the “new & improved” version?

Not only are too few of us not thinking about cause and effect, even more of us are not seeing beyond our nose, or should I say the view screen of our smartphones, tablets, computers, television, and so on. Not my opinion, just absolutely true facts!

“It saddens me when, as a race, we humans have been given so many advantages and yet our worst emotions still rule us.”~ Plh

Greed (now called profit margins & for us lesser folks, the constant seeking for a “better quality of life”)
Laziness (now called convenience)
Sloth (now called comfort)
Hatred (against anything and everything you don’t like or fear)

And so we’re left with our own personal rationales for why we do what we do, as we each (more or less) contribute to our downfall.


Wake up! Open your minds, your heart and your awareness. We can bring about dramatic improvements, if we want to, or continue to be harbingers of our eventual failure as a human race.

As always – our own individual choice to make.

Penny L Howe

10 thoughts on “When Did It Become Okay?

  1. We love our small vegetable patch with runner beans, onions and shallots ,garlic and courgettes. Sadly they are all over for this year though I am just about to try some Pak Xhoi as a winter vegetable. We shall see. 🙂

  2. It is sad that we have so much in this world that we can have and use, and we have to abuse it so we don’t have to do so much. So we don’t have to go out so much. So we don’t have to buy so much. And then, as you say, there are the doctors who won’t see people people because they can’t buy so much. Politicians who make it so we can’t buy so much.
    When I was a kid, we used to have our own garden where we grew spinach, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages and even an attempt at runner beans, and we had to pick them on the day they were picked. Now, they are treated so they can last a week or three.

    I hated doing the gardening, but I would love to be able to do it now. Just so it could be fresh.

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