The Heart of the Matter ~ American’s looking for America!

A very dear and cherished friend of mine (not an American, he’s from Scotland currently residing in France)  wrote a flash fiction (100 words or less) story for Friday Fictioneers (a very successful weekly writer’s challenge “based on a photo”. Rochelle, congrats on your third year as the awesome facilitator for this literary blog).

His short story was about a trip he took to my country – to experience America – a few years back. It did bring excellent memories of his time here in the Tri-Cities of Washington, as well as Portland, Oregon, and of course San Francisco and many other towns, cities and communities he visited. Here is a link to his story “Greyhound”.

At the close of his story he shared the video of Simon & Garfunkel singing the song “America”! And while it brought back wonderful memories it also reminded me of where we, as Americans, are today.

It seems we Americans are all searching for America with our many concerns and fears for the now of things and our futures but I truly believe the Heart of America is still where it’s always been … inside each of our hearts. (Going all the way back to indigenous Americans and then the steady addition of each of the many of us whose ancestors and current family members came as immigrants and settled here in our amazing country.)

America is truly an amalgamation of all peoples, races, creeds, religions and of course individual points of view. To find the hope and potential of America, my fellow Americans we’ve but to look within our own loving hearts. There is so much potential for all of us. Working together we will accomplish more than we ever have before.

So now after this long introduction, here is my 100 word flash fiction story based on the photo below:



Quietly waiting for her turn to board the bus, an elderly woman carrying a ticket, small bag and guitar stood in line. While adjusting the items she carried, a young man also standing in line asked if he might help. The man was thanked and given the guitar to hold.

“Where are you going?” He asked politely.

“Downtown.” She replied. “First to vote and then to attend a gathering of fellow musicians to celebrate.”

“What are you celebrating, and why bother to vote first?” He responded.

“Because I can!” She said answering both questions, a huge smile on her face.



Thank you, have a wonderful day,

With much affection,



28 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter ~ American’s looking for America!

  1. Dear Penny,

    It’s nice to see you here. I’ve missed you and your stories. This one is, as B says, a cut above and a good reminder of what America is (supposed to be) about. Wonderful photo, too.



  2. Thank you, once again, my dearest Penny, for your support, your friendship and your love.
    Visiting your country, your family, and you was one of the happiest experiences of my life.
    You bring your generosity, your wisdom, and your passion for life to everything you do.
    I am privileged to be your ‘very dear and cherished friend’.
    And, of course, a great story.
    You should do these more often, you are a class above most of us.

    • Thanks Susan. Actually, I think many of the young adults of today are concerned enough to be voters also. And I am very happy about that, (not about their and our concerns) but that they want to make a “voting” difference! 🙂

  3. Hi Björn. Thank you. We humans do have a tendency to complicate our lives, don’t we? In the end it truly is the simple things that need to be remembered. Especially when they’ve been hard won!

    • Hi Björn. Thank you. We humans do have a tendency to complicate our lives, don’t we? In the end it truly is the simple things that need to be remembered. Especially when they’ve been hard won!

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