A Happy Soul and Lost Innocence!


Within each human is a happy soul. Fragile, yes, but also amazingly strong – as is all existing life force.

Therefore even though we’re all grown up inside it’s a good thing for us to remember to let it out to sing and dance, for innocence is never truly lost.

Just think on all the wonderful unfolding magic and mysteries happening around us each and every day!

Open your heart and embrace your happy soul. It wants you to!

~ Penny

3 thoughts on “A Happy Soul and Lost Innocence!

  1. Beautiful post Penny. It reminds me of the other day.

    I have watched plenty of films and TV shows that have Christmas in it, and it has always made me laugh about the families who sing around the tree as they are decorating it. Then on Saturday, we were singing Christmas songs as we were decorating, and it was awesome 🙂

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