Sharing the Love Within Each of Us


The Wisest man

I ever knew,

had little to say

and lots to do.

But at the close of every day

He’d turn to others and  he’d say …

Well done my friend … well done! 

So one day I asked what he meant. Was he referring to a specific job well done? That the work day was over? That it was time to go home and rest? That he was satisfied with the others and the day’s accomplishments, and he replied to me:


~ Plh, 2015

I never get over the fact that there are those who go through each day and pass “good will” around the way I see so many others pass around ridicule and disdain, indifference and cruelty.

There are many who seem preoccupied with themselves, their personal wants and desires …  and yet , even still, there are those quiet gentle people who always seem to have that extra bit of time to extend a helping hand, to make a small difference, to speak no ill will. I wonder why that is?

I believe within most of us is a “fire” – to make a positive difference, to be and do more. Buried deep, perhaps, but in there none the less. I think perhaps now is a good time for the sleeper within us to awaken!

Thank you for your visit. Have a wonderful day and better tomorrow!

~ Penny

20 thoughts on “Sharing the Love Within Each of Us

  1. I enjoyed your post and agree. I try to stay away from the negative, controversial blogs although I follow a few. My blogs I try to keep positive information. Thank you, Penny. 🙂

  2. I often meet my sister, and we usually meet at the same café. When I met her on Monday, the woman behind the counter who we speak to seeing as we are regulars, said that I would have been proud of her on Sunday. She was out and saw a homeless woman. She said she almost walked past, and remembered what I do sometimes which is randomly buy the person behind me their drinks. She decided she take a leaf out of my book and went and brought her lunch.

    It made me happy that something I do without thinking sometimes has had an effect on at least one other person. Something I did made a difference to three people.
    The woman whose drink I brought
    Sue, who works at the café
    The homeless woman who had a meal and a warm coffee.

    One “RAK” (Random Act of Kindness) followed by a Pay It Forward can have a huge knock on effect. I would like to think that someone saw what Sue did, and maybe they then did something similar.

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