Fearless … Never Forget the Nature of Who We Are!


The Spiral of Strength ~ All of Us!

So many things seem fearful today

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of our futures
  • Fear of the threat of terrorism

And yet within each of our hearts, nestled right next to our love of life, is an amazingly unlimited reservoir  of quiet strength, energy and power waiting to be released … should the need be there.

So when you read or hear (daily) the many people (on all forms of media) speaking so many words (opinions and criticisms) about everything that appears to be going wrong; on our planet,  in our country, and our communities, be aware there are many good things happening too. Many. If you don’t believe me start searching online. There are millions of people locally and around the world, making positive differences every day. They’ve already activated their internal power to get things moving away from the negative and into the positive. (Amazing how many of the news media report the negative and not the positive!)

Each of us can make positive things happen too although a good caveat to remember: Change can occur without anger, rudeness, crudeness, vulgarity, meanness, and cruelty – not a good thing – nor nice for a person to say, do or be. Definitely not the way to achieve positive change for yourself and others!

But if you have doubts and fears today, right now … fear less … you are not alone in your concerns but the bigger and most important thing to remember is that our mutual strength of “being there” is HUGE. We, the silent majority and our mutual strength of “overcoming and pursuing the right path” for all our futures is alive and well, it’s never been stronger!

You are not alone , there are many of us and we are … fearless … in all the ways that matter!

Thank you, I hope your week is proceeding well for you.

With affection,

~ Penny

5 thoughts on “Fearless … Never Forget the Nature of Who We Are!

  1. I read a couple of things in the last couple of days that shows the nature of who we are. A man phoned 911 because he hadn’t eaten in two days, so the police who turned up paid out of their own money food for him for a few days.

    Then today, I read (I really do hope it’s true) someone went to go into a Dunkin Donuts and there was a homeless man who was counting change and someone kept talking to him and not giving up. In the end, he brought the homeless man some food as long as he would sit and talk with him. He did so, saying that drugs had left him homeless and he lost his mum to cancer. When the man went to leave, the homeless man asked for a pen, and wrote on a napkin “I wanted to kill myself today, because of u I now do not. Thank u beautiful person”

    Some people are fearless enough to stop and help other people. “Good Samaritans”

    • Thank you, Alice. It is a challenge to send an encouraging message that can reach most people without accidentally affending or stepping on someone’s toes (probably did that anyway). Not that I can’t handle the heat of argument, but the idea is to present my words so as to spread hope to as many as possible, if I can.

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