Quiet Your Mind


An Interlude of Quietude

Be calm, please be still

do quiet your mind,

dismiss troubled thoughts

of a worrying kind.


Nourish the peace

to be found deep within,

soothing life’s passages

of times we live in.


Quiet your mind

dear friends of mine,

know there’s tomorrow

when all can be fine.


With calm assurance

know you’re not alone,

with courage and belief

… a way will be shown.

♡ ~ Plh, 2016

13 thoughts on “Quiet Your Mind

  1. Recently, I have been disregarding everything apart from whatever book I am on, thus escaping from the world/being a coward and living a relatively peacefully life. How’s that for pre-empting and misinterpreting your words! xxx

  2. Hi Penny: My way of quiet your mind is by taking a walk with my husky every morning and especially in the afternoon during the fall until the hot weather

    comes along. It s my way of not thinking of any thing just concentrating on where we re going and watching out for the traffic. Have a nice day. Suzanne


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