I Don’t Know About You But …


Freedom Of Speech (while not coming with a specific caveat regarding good manners and acceptable social behavior) does indicate that it should not be intrusive or take away from another citizen(s) and yet (I shall repeat this) …

AND YET … voicing your right to express your opinion now obviously includes the right to be openly cruel, petty, malicious, mean, insensitive, and judgemental to others not in agreement. (That IMO is frequently voiced because of not adequately understanding/ misinterpreting facts or a situation, or just plain feeling the need to be obnoxious to get attention).

Whether it be any social media source or any news media source, rude behavior seems to have become the acceptable norm.

Verbal personal attacks are horrible examples to pass on to children and each other. It achieves nothing positive of value, in fact it would indicate our values are currently residing in the gutter.

Do I have a point, other than the obvious diminishment of self worth and respect for/from others? Yes, because it is just as important in our ability to come together (inspite of differences) as a country for the good of all of us for improvement and advancement of our lot in life.

The sad thing is I don’t anticipate much reaction from this except some head nodding in agreement because for the most partWE have accepted this current status quo, meaning … We The People of this awesome country … are as guilty as those who actively participate in rude, crude, cruel and mean bullying behavior. Because we’ve  accepted it, which, as you know is painfully obvious each and every day!

Oh, and one other thing, being strong does not mean being brutish and insensitive to other people … EVER!

That’s it.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Know About You But …

  1. Hi Penny: I remember when growing up my mother us to say :If you can t say something nice, then don t say it. : Now a days the children don t

    know how to behave in front of people they say what ever comes out whether it s correct or not they don t care

    Like you said : We can say what want or mean without using harsh or mean words. It s the parents job to show them

    the proper. My boys who are adults when they where growing new that if you did say please or thank you u did not

    get what you wanted. Have a nice day. Suzanne


    • Hi Sue. Your mother sounds very wise. I have similar memories and like you have passed them on to my chuldren to pass on to theirs. And I have hope. There are many nice, caring and responsible people too. Thank you, Suzanne, you also have a wonderful day.

    • I know, Ute. It is sad but we’ll make it thru, dear friend. Thank goodness there are still many who share our feelings on this. I stay most hopeful. Much love to you, Ute.

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