Hello You! Did You Know You Inspire Me?


No, I’m being serious here. You, the person reading this right now is who really inspires me.

I began dwelling on where inspiration came from earlier this morning, not long after waking. Going outside, I listened to delightful chirping of birdsong thinking to myself, “how lovely”. I felt a gentle breeze and the warmth of morning sunshine on my face and thought, “how soothing”.

And then I thought about us. As in people. Our incredibly diversity, our amazing talents, our awesome ability to cope with and overcome adversity, to carry on, create new ideas, to prosper and succeed.

Finally I thought about you – a unique individual, one of a kind and what you must have to face each day and on those really hard days how you not only muster the courage to go on, but you go beyond expectation and succeed within yourself inspite of the odds, the naysayers, and of course your own personal and sometimes deeply rooted self doubts.

You keep going on because when all is said and done you know, in your heart of hearts, if you just keep going you’ll make it. And so this morning I thought of you, of both your struggles and successes and quietly cheered, because not only do I believe in you but more importantly, you do too and this is why YOU …

yes, You … inspire me.


14 thoughts on “Hello You! Did You Know You Inspire Me?

  1. You inspire me too my friend, I miss our chats in the morning over coffee about all manner of things, always fascinating and full of ideas to explore and muse upon.

    • Thank you SteJ. Yes I do too, sigh. I find life to be weirdly interesting which includes probabilities, potentialities and how to be in the meantime, if you followed that extremely obtuse and oblique sentence, my so special friend. xxx

      • I think I followed that but perhaps I am following my own thoughts, I do enjoy the variety of thoughts which you always engender. xxx

    • Hey Stranger. It seems that way doesn’t it, Yoshiko? and yet the most important things, love and friendship can definitely smooth the way. Hope you are taking care of yourself, my friend.

      • Seems so. Maybe love and friendship can smooth the way. I realise that I can get affected by people easily. I care too much of their feelings. Now I learn to assert myself and letting them know about my feelings and perspectives. Even I hope you can take care of yourself too, my friend.

        • Thank you, dear friend. I honestly believe it’s better to care too much and learn how to control our emotions than to not care enough! Very wise choices you are making for yourself, Yoshiko.

          • Is that how you feel also to care too much? I’ve been trying to control my emotions. I ask Jesus for strength. At times, I am so strengthened. At times, I get affected easily.

            • Yes, since I was a child, actually. Often wishing for a control button to turn down the emotional feelings. Eventually I decided God must have a specific plan for me which is why I am so sensitive to others, I accept that. Each experience is a learning lesson that makes us stronger, I believe. (Not necessarily easier at times, though.)

  2. HI Penny: I enjoy today post a lot in the sense that every morning we do what we have to

    do weather we like it or not. So Thank You for letting us know that we inspire. Like when you re

    at home with the baby teething and you wish you were are work, we do what we have to do.

    Have a nice evening. Suzanne


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