Power is the most Seductive…


… To Those Unfit To Rule!

But before there is power there is greed. Greed manifests the most amazing array of wrong thinking. The biggest of which are various and highly creatively justifications for being greedy, although different terminology replaces the word greed in this vindicating process.

Greed is amazingly like a virus and once getting a firm hold on a person’s psyche, it spreads like wildfire. And it is highly contagious.

So how much of a prosperous society is predicated on greed and how can one control this insidious emotional and mental disease?

If I suggested the cure for greed was simple, I’m pretty sure no one would agree with me. But if the words “personal discipline” were added to the mix, well then many more things become possible.

Sadly like the internet most of us have no self regulation. We emote all the various array of emotions at our disposal, with little regard for whether actions we take as a result of strong emotional wants (not needs) are a good thing or not.

And we confuse the leaders we elect or choose to follow by connotating greed for power with strength of character. But since, as we are probably aware, (if at a subconscious level) the desire for either power or the “good life” is now greed totally run amok, I’m thinking we’re about to pay a huge price for our own individual needs that (for many) have slowly been morphing into a part of the current greed scenerio.

So is there a way to conquer greed? I think not. Certainly not with the current view that more and even more is better, (regardless of the cost to others) and not until humans “as a whole” recognize and positively accept that each of us is a part of “the whole” of a complete living ecosystem.

And not until we all understand true abundance can only happen when the “whole” meaning “all of us” work together “as a team” for the good of everyone, not for just our own individual selves or a chosen few.

~ Penny L. Howe

6 thoughts on “Power is the most Seductive…

  1. People can be as greedy as they want and amass as much personal fortune as they can. But ultimately they’ll be mortified to learn that they’ll take none of that with them into the next life; a place where material objects mean nothing and will impress no one.

    • Absolutely Alejandro. A great truth you speak of here. How sad that the spirituality of so many gets diverted and therefore cannot absorb what should be obvious and of true value in our short lived physical lives.

  2. Oh Penny, my dear sweet Penny, this is a bleak scenario you paint today.
    Normally, hey, always, you find a positive note to end on, to send us off smiling and skipping onwards and upwards.
    But today you are brutally and despondently honest.
    And accurate.
    But no worries, I still love you, regardless!

  3. So is there a way to conquer greed? I think not. – Agreed (not word trickery intended lol). Of seven billion how many are power hungry greedy aholes prepared to do anything to further themselves regardless of who they crush along the way? Plenty. In a small scale you could have 100 personality matched people who are not greedy etc and due to the nature of people some of them will become power hungry and greedy. There’s really no way to stop it. Democracy should cancel it out in politics but every politician is an ahole too, so there’s no good options.
    The fun of humanity 🙂

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