We Family – The Human Race – on the Planet Earth … Go On!!!!


We Family … The Human Race,

for all that we are … and all we are not

… Go On!

For all that we do … and all that we don’t

We Go On!

We … make mistakes

We … mess up … BIG TIME!


But We Go On!


We recover

We persevere

We don’t give up

Our spirit does not break.

We Go On!

We are the family called the Human Race.

We will stumble and our forward steps are slow,

And many errors grievous

But we still … Go On.


There is Love.

There is Compassion.

There is Care.

There is Giving.

Sometimes, often it gets lost or misplaced,

or sadly forgotten,

but it is inside each of us

And for all of this

We Go On!

We, the family of Humans

all living together on

our home – the Planet Earth!

~ Plh, 2016

6 thoughts on “We Family – The Human Race – on the Planet Earth … Go On!!!!

  1. Hi Penny” It amazing how resilient the human race is. Being that we go through difficult time , we still manage to make it through. What other species in the animal kingdom

    goes through what we go through and still survive. Have a nice day. Suzanne


  2. Love it – it reads like a rallying cry! It also reminds me of a song/chant I learned, ‘Come come, whoever you are, even though you’ve broken your vows ten thousand times, come, come again.’ Blessings, H x

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