I Cannot Bring You Peace, But This I Can Do –


As one person to another I can share love and peaceful intent – pass along calm, caring words that can give rise to positive thoughts and actions for bringing us all just a little bit closer to each other.

This I can do with openhearted expression and understanding. One person, one day at a time.


With sincere love and affection,
~ Penny

29 thoughts on “I Cannot Bring You Peace, But This I Can Do –

    • Hi Alex! Thank you sincerely for stopping by and commenting. 3 out of 3 stars, wow, I’m also most grateful for your kind words. Hoping your weekend is going well for you! 🙂

  1. Your beautiful, eloquent words never cease to inspire Penny. May those who have been touched by tragedy around the world find comfort in them. I think of you and Christina often. Much love.

    • Thank you, so dear to my heart, friend. Miss you greatly and likewise we also think of you often, LuAnn. Hope all is well and that you’re taking care of you. Much love to you.

      • Thanks Penny. We are currently in So. Cal, getting ready to leave for a 6-week trip up north to Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff, and possibly Jasper NP’s. We also have a trip planned this fall to France and Italy. I am dusting off my blog and will begin doing some writing again, which I have sorely missed. I don’t plan to spend as much time at the computer as I did before, so this will be an interesting test for me. Take care Penny!

        • You guys are delightfully busy as always, LuAnn. I feel like you should write a book called “The Travellers” that would of course include your gorgeous photography. And not just your highly professional and creative words describing each visit, that becomes a lure for travelling itself, but also include some of your beautifully crafted and moving poetry as well. I know it’d be a best seller (not joking here, my friend). Looking forward to the return of your posts, but am understanding time limitations in the blogging world. Keep enjoying your lifestyle, as always I’d still like to be hidden within your vehicle riding along and embracing nature too. Oh, and Europe … how cool is that! 🙂

          • I must admit that I have missed writing. When we settled into our winter home in So Cal, I joined committees that allowed me to do some writing but I was not fulfilled as it was more technical writing, not soulful “stuff” that resonates with me. I hope to do some shorter posts on topics that speak to me. As for a travelers’ book, you have given me something to think about. How about your writing Penny? You were in the middle of writing a book. How is that going?

            • Yes, most definitely you need to write lots more soulful stuff, LuAnn. I totally agree. Regarding my book, well an interesting thing happened on the way to getting it written. I began researching a variety of historical information so as to better relate to inspirational words (especially for women) when I came upon a few historical surprises, not well known, and pretty soon I was spending more time in my research than in writing, then I also came up with an idea for a fictional book also a result of my research. So now I am slowly gearing up to complete the nonfiction and then work on the fiction. So I guess, the short answer is “slow going” dear friend. 🙂

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