Within Whispers of Hope – Your Strength


“When my heart gets weary and I cannot seem to breath,

life whispers hope. ~  Plh, 2016

Deep within your heart is the determination and ability needed to carry on, in spite of fatigue, weariness and the feeling of being completely overwhelmed with life – your life, in particular.

Look inward. It’s there. Feel the rhythm and pulse of hope’s existence. Sometimes almost imperceptible. Sometimes so subtle, so slight but always there, a greater belief that things will be okay as it has been in the past and can be again.

Notice and accept the hope within you. It is succor, aiding in the taking care of oneself. Hope will strengthen your resolve and assist until once again you recognize those unspoken promises that accompany your life.

With affection,

~ Penny

14 thoughts on “Within Whispers of Hope – Your Strength

  1. Sorry to hear of Sasha’s passing, I miss her loads and loads. Carrying on when things are bad may be a struggle but it is the only way to get through and I admire your words as something to cling to in those torrid times. xxx

    • Hi StJ. Thank you, dear friend. We all miss her so much, but she did have a very long fulfilled life. One filled with lots of love. Yes I agree, carrying on is how we do survive and move forward, always. xxx

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