Overwhelming Life and A Temporary Cure

Sometimes life does seem overwhelming, doesn’t it? Thank goodness for family and friends both near and far and a special thank goodness for love …. and hugs, lots and lots of hugs.

Hugs are known to be an excellent therapeutic medicine for the temporary relief of life’s difficult trials (with no negative side effects – although has been shown to be addictive). โ™ก

Have a positive and relaxing weekend. One filled with love and hugs.

With sincere affection,

~ Penny


16 thoughts on “Overwhelming Life and A Temporary Cure

    • Hello dearest friend. Thank you and for your super hug as well, Ute, a most special thanks. Sending same and more your way. Have a pleasant night’s rest and a great start to the new week tomorrow.

  1. I’ll take a hug or three my friend! Life has a way of making us all need loads of hugs, if we just did that it would be so much better and we would probably all be a lot more productive.

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