Dichotomy’s Dissertation of Lonely and Alone

A creative interpretation through the medium of words viewing man’s struggle to understand man.


All Alone Am I

“Seeking through the blur of today’s truths

blending with yesterdays untruths (well, my interpretation thereof)

I find myself staring out the window

through early morning misty emptiness

even as

sunlight streams through my senses

creating a blistering awareness of being alive …

and worthy? I do not think I know what that word truly means

or in the obtuseness of my current thinking processes

it seems I don’t wish to know.

Yet do I recognize

how lonely am I

midst humanity’s crush

where futility sneaks in to blossom and flourish

in spite of hope.

Hope? Are you out there?

I’ve lost my way and find

my new reality is reminding me that

there is not one single soul caring

(the perception that I may still be of some selfish use for them not withstanding)

about me in this mass of life’s everything-ness.

Caring about

where I be

why I am

or even

more explicitly …

Who am I and if I am, do I indeed matter – in the whole scheme of things … do I?”


~ Plh, 2016


Sigh, it does seem, on some days that we humans are more confused than not. But I believe we are all seeking our place in the whole mixture of life’s adventure. And then there are those clever little things called “our emotions” likening to a riptide, riding high one moment and pulling you under the next. But I also believe we do, somehow, always manage to #GoOn! And that is a most excellent thing! 🙂 Have a great day and wonderful weekend to come.

With much sincere affection,

~ Penny

6 thoughts on “Dichotomy’s Dissertation of Lonely and Alone

    • Thank you, Bob. I appreciate your caring way. This particular post was not about me (I am just fine) but more about a world view of what I see playing out in society. Again, most sincere thanks for your message. xx

  1. Hope ..


    I believe that we will succeed as a species. It is going to take something devastating first though I fear, but after that we will become more than we were. Not growing extra limbs or things like that from nuclear fallout, but with Hope comes Dreams. With Dreams comes willingness. With willingness comes a change. So hope will bring about a change.

    If just one person can hope, then more can. Each person matters. In the scheme of things, everything you do may be just a pebble in the ocean. Or a drop of water in the ocean, but when something drops in it, look at the ripples and how far they travel.

    Everything you do, say, write down or share affects people and sends ripples. With each comment comes more ripples which results in ripples travelling farther than just one persons.

    You matter a great deal Penny.

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