The Sound of Hurtful Silence

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

It hurts … inside of me. Why has a country I am so proud of become so accepting of rude and crude behavior within both our social and news media?

I understand one can be angry about circumstances and situations. I can relate to the unfairness we see witnessed on many occasions. But the constant unrelenting barrage of rude and crude language and behavior is not needed and it makes of us so much less than what I know us (Americans) to be.

In the past handful of years, I first thought it was an anomaly occurring on social media with just a few indulging in profanity and boorish behavior. And then I began noticing more and more of the same along with intense verbal bullying and the degradation of an individual or a group. With each passing day I am witnessing even more of this same breakdown in what should be common respect and courtesy: Lack of moral fiber, the inability to say something without reducing the subject matter to the most base of terminology. And this is happening in both social and the public news media.

Many of those who do not engage in this behavior act as if it doesn’t exist. There is no moral outrage being expressed, just a pretended ignorance – this is so very sad. It says that we (the people) would rather accept this behavior than be vocal about the wrongness of it, for I am convinced that much of the negative emotions being felt and expressed in our daily lives are directly related to the universal acceptance of completely unacceptable social behavior.

Silence can be a good thing but it can also be a very bad thing when wrong behavior is happening and the majority of people pretend to ignore it, thereby making it acceptable. And whether it’s a popular celebrity or a politician (and an especial shame on them as their behavior is often emulated by those in the private sector) or we private citizens, the results are the same.

Small wonder our current political arena is such a mess. There is almost no dignity, only mud slinging and filthy rhetoric which as we all know is incredibly exhausting to us, leaving many indecisive, confused and fearful.

Public media (both social and news) should be about  people informing each other with information, and or an exchange of thoughts, ideas and feelings being expressed in terminology that is not degrading and disgusting.

My spirit is sad at this continuing painful and negative turn in the daily events of our lives. I am hopeful it changes and that each of us begin to accept a part of the responsibility for allowing this to not only happen but to fester, growing into the nasty beast it has become.

Thank you,

~ Penny

12 thoughts on “The Sound of Hurtful Silence

  1. I know exactly how you feel Penny.

    It saddens me to know where America is currently at. Common courtesy is lacking amongst the majority. I sure hope this rude social behavior with Americans doesn’t continue on. We all need to respect one another.

    • Hi, Ute. Yes it is. I believe there are good leaders out there. I am hopeful their message is getting through to the majority of American voters. We will be okay. I know that freedom’s struggles make us stronger even though exceedingly uncomfortable in the short term.

  2. I can relate. Just when I thought our election cycles couldn’t reach a new low, we get the current mess. I’ve never been so disgusted with so-called public servants. I don’t know when or where the madness will end, but I don’t believe it’ll be any time soon.

  3. after a 15-month ‘retreat’ to the cloud forest, i am semi back in cyber world…. being away from television, radio and ‘sundry’ reading ops online, i realize how lucky i have been to miss out on so much of the ugly, the apathy that’s alive and thriving in today’s cosmopolitan world. it makes me sad, and like a rabbit peering out of the thicket, it makes me want to bolt back to the protective guardianship of Mother Nature.

    thanks for keeping that candle burning, dear one!

    • Oh my so dear friend, it’s wonderful to hear from you, Lisa, and know you are doing well. You embody my 3 favorite things: Helping others, Artistry, and love of Nature. Thank you, kindly. Yes it is very sordid in our country, right now isn’t it? I do envy you. A lot! Take care and if you do decide to bolt back to Mother Nature it sounds like a plan for me too.

  4. I feel as you do, forced to choose between the lesser of two evils, corruption, sexual abuse, greed, dishonesty are the rulers of the day. Our country has never sunk so low and is sad for a once noble republic. Imagine Thomas Jefferson viewing todays electoral process. Sad.

    • I hear you, Cindy. Although I’m just as concerned that social media overflow, has allowed too many of us to become so judgemental (though there should never be a place for rude crude behavior) with others instead of looking inside ourselves (I include myself here) for the role we each have played in producing this negative atmosphere.

  5. You are not alone in your thoughts. It has deeply saddened me as well. All I can hope is that at some point it creates change . . . The realization it needs to stop. Respect should never be undervalued.

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