I’ve Been Asked Who I’m Voting For so I’m Proud to Say …


that as an American who has a deep and abiding love of our country, I will be voting for us. For You and Me. For all the Americans in our country who care about who we are, where we are now, where we’re going and how we’re going to get there.

While it’s definitely true We (the people) get many things wrong, we’re human after all, we (the people) also get many things right. So it’s definitely a balancing thing I believe, and surely an ongoing and constant work in progress.

One that we attempt to get the right handle on each day. In today’s era with Social Media platforms and Online News Media we (the people) are inundated with all sorts of information. (Googling not withstanding). Some accurate, some not so much. We also have our own opinions (which ‘we the people‘ have not been shy about sharing).

But that’s not a bad thing because in the United States of America being free is a part of who we are and Freedom of Speech is one of the things our mighty constitution gives us the right to exercise – and oh boy have we been exercising that right.

Freedom is always a work in progress. And some parts of our progress are harder than others. And then there’s the whole change thing going on that constantly interferes with good intentions and perhaps even a status quo that we may or may not be comfortable with depending on our individual mindset.

There’s a responsibility to freedom too. One that means we can not take Freedom for granted. We need to vote and we need to continue to care about each other and the good we can accomplish when we agree to disagree but still come together when it matters.

One of the amazing things I’ve noticed about the wonderful citizens of our country is when there is a disaster or crisis (such as a bad storm or other) and people are in trouble or at risk, Americans come together with helping hands and support. It’s the Great American Way.

During a crisis while victims or those helping may personally have widely differing views on a variety of subjects (such as with our current upcoming political election) these views fade into the background. Why? Because Americans (as a whole) have proven to be greater than the sum of our often disconnected parts. Americans ‘En Masse’ really do have a gigantic heart. One we’ve shown repeatedly, again and again.

I believe in my country, my home, my family, my friends, my fellow Americans and the Constitution of the United States of America. I believe in our right to vote for those we believe will be the best qualified to represent us in Washington D.C.

And for all those reasons I’ll be voting on election day (actually I’ve already personally voted), but now I’m voting for the good in us … all of us … because I do believe in America and cherish strongly our right to be free, more than anything else. Freedom is what is important!

Honestly when all is said and done with political issues, opinions and so on, it really has always been about freedom (getting it right when we know its wrong and then going on to help keep our country strong)!

So Freedom, that’s the thing, the main focus! Yours, mine and ours and that’s why the greatest document in our country begins with the inclusionary words “We The People”, this means all of us, every single one.

Vote on election day!

Thank you,

~ Penny L Howe

13 thoughts on “I’ve Been Asked Who I’m Voting For so I’m Proud to Say …

  1. I always used to say “If you don’t vote then you don’t have a reason to complain”. Now I see that is wrong as people have a right to complain no matter what as we both live in free countries (at the moment) and free speech is our right. Now I say “If you don’t vote you won’t make a difference” Maybe one vote won’t make a difference. But what if ten people said that? What if 100 people said that? A thousand. One vote can make a difference. And that made me decide to do a post in that ilk lol

      • Yep. Thankfully he has already started going back on some of the things he has said, I hope he goes back on more, but it is unfortunate that he has effectively given the go ahead for people to be racist, misogynistic sexist bullies. I hope that just because he is one of those, his followers don’t think it is okay to treat woman like that.

  2. Although being an ardent admirer of the original document beginning with “we the people” I believe that Lincoln’s “government of the people, by the poeple, for the people” is the more important maxim, one that has been ignored in Washington for many a decade.

    But yes, go an vote. In the Uk we are suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous Brexit. When I spoke with people who didn’t vote in the referendum asking them why they didn’t vote, they said because my voted wouldn’t count. But that is exactly waht it does, it gets counted! Good Luck on Tuesday.

    • Hi Bill. Thank you for your well
      composed words and good wishes. I apologize for the delay in responding. Much going on, here. Now to think positive thoughts and move forward despite the outcome.

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