When Nights in Paradise Become Lonely

The physical attributes of paradise cannot be gainsaid and needless to add, each person has their own view of what their surroundings of paradise would contain.

But here’s the thing, just as no person is an island onto themselves, our emotional hearts require the taste and nourishment of paradise too. Without shared love, affection and caring regard from others to sustain and lift us up in our darker hours, a creeping insidious aspect begins; even in the most seemingly ideal paradise (perspectively speaking). An aspect which may ultimately undo the original intent of a seeker of paradise.

*For me, paradise is first and foremost about bountiful and sincere expressions and actions of love, after which the ambiance of physical trappings may be added.

“Seek you then to love openly and freely with caring, joyful fulsomeness. The best sort of paradise will always begin within loving hearts.”~Plh

May your days ahead be filled with many good things. Have the best week possible. Thanks for stopping by.

(*btw I’m perfectly understanding of the many many who, in today’s interesting times, would be content with just waking up to a less insane mentality than the one currently proliferating around the world. Me too!)

With sincere affection,


10 thoughts on “When Nights in Paradise Become Lonely

  1. There’s a TV show in the UK, called Death in Paradise. Despite its title, it’s a lighthearted detective series set on an island in the Caribbean. Your post puts me in mind of what the detective Humphrey said to his girlfriend in London when she thought he wouldn’t want to leave his island for her … it was something like “I love you and paradise is wherever you are”. So corny, I know, but it was so romantic and sweet.

  2. Paradise is one big book club my friend, where debate and respect are the key words and everybody gets a hug at the end of the night. Or perhaps paradise is just looking out for each other, actively speaking up against things that we know are wrong. Either one would see us on the right track methinks.

  3. A wise lady once told me that nothing I did surprised her.
    She knows that I now live in my idea of paradise.
    She probably also knows that everything she does amazes me still, all these years later.
    Love and hugs to you, Penny, and all the generations with you.

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