Love – Empowers Us to Endure (and overcome)


Love does bless with abiding strength

so deep, so strong, so pure,

nothing overcomes unconditional love

as it gives us the power to endure.” ~Plh

Love is a very small word representing the biggest meaning in the world. There truly isn’t anything stronger or greater than love and when given free reign, it can conquer fear and hate.

Love large, it does a body (and mind and soul) good!” ~Plh

Take care of you and yours.

With sincere affection,



7 thoughts on “Love – Empowers Us to Endure (and overcome)

  1. Love is the best four letter word there is, and the most powerful. It can cause a heart to miss a beat, it can cause shortness of breath, it can create warmth on a cold day, it can create smiles and laughter.
    Maybe one day I’ll feel it again (although I”m not holding out much hope lol)

    • All true, Al. And like you, feel much the same there. However, I was referring to not only personal love but also family, friends etc. Universal love, I believe is all powerful. xx

      • The love of family and friends is second to none in most cases. If we could spread more love than hate in this world, it would be a far, far better place.

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