Words Within Worlds Within Words

~ Well written words reveal themselves to be branches spiraling ever outward; releasing and igniting an ever changing spectrum of emotions ripe with potential for the emergence of new thoughts and ideas from those readers/speakers of our verbal creations.

~ Whether fiction, nonfiction, prose, scripts, lyrics or other, writers do much more in our crafting of words than just informing or entertaining.

~ Perhaps we may view each of our written endeavors as not just creative methods of communication and/or expression, but more aptly as inventions of innovative and thoughtful imagination, serving up potent catalysts of change involved with the evolution of who (as human beings) we are or in an even more expansive view ~ of who we’ve yet to become. ~Plh, 2017

I hope this new week is being good for you. Take care . . . I wish you well.

With great affection,


6 thoughts on “Words Within Worlds Within Words

  1. ‘we are who we’ve yet to become.’ Now that is good line! How apt that I am reading a book on the history of language, it is amazng what words have done for us and the great works that changed our thinking can now read whenever we wish.

    • I believe you to be quite a creative and proficient writer, Ute! But I agreed with you that reading other peoples crafted words is just the best of the best. Big hugs, dear friend. xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Each new poem or prose or story is a new invention of the use of imagination and words. I like that Penny. It is a great way to look at it. We all create different things with the words, even if they are used the same and in the same order. Plus of course, we see the words differently, sometimes completely different to how the author has seen things.

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