When Words Overwhelm

Silence can be a good thing giving time to reflect on values as opposed to desires. Honor as opposed to polarizing negative ideas which separate us from one another. Wisdom as opposed to valueless words being said and repeated leading to emotional reactions and nothing more.

It’s time to decide what you, within your heart of hearts, believes in, for when our souls touch, as they shall, there will be no animosity, no negative vibrational causation from physical manifestation (owing naught to an irrational thinking brain and all to a loving heart).

When words overwhelm, reign in your emotions, allow for the threads of life originating from your soul to lead and direct your actions. Breathe in life, and the natural way of being. We are an important part of each other and our universe.

You, we, are better than this time in humanity’s existence. So much better.

Time to make it so, I believe.


Thank you for stopping by, I wish you well.

With sincere affection,


17 thoughts on “When Words Overwhelm

  1. Funny, I’m writing a post about being overwhelmed by language, and I thought of my anguish over the word and concept of branding. You offered and did help me with branding, but I was still too new to understand what it meant and how I could achieve it. That was probably five years ago. I never forgot your kindness in trying to help me, so I wanted to mention you in my post. I looked up your blog, and on the day I want to write about being overwhelmed by language, I reached this post. How coincidental! Hope you are doing well, my friend, Penny. 🙂

    • Hey Marsha, sorry about the delay with my response. I hope you are likewise doing well. I’ve been busy with a myriad of things. Organizing being the most overwhelming and time consuming, my friend. I adore coincidental things and ask myself is it magic (the unknown) mysterious (the yet to figure out) or just mischievous mathematical mysticals (more unknowns) having their way with us. Thanks for the mention and dropping by, take care of you, I wish you most well! 🙂

  2. Such wise words, dear Penny 🙂 My feeling is that the same principles need applying to social networking, especially Twitter, where it’s so easy to type those 140 characters in the heat of the moment and click on “send”, but how much better this world would be if certain people in particular (i.e. politicians, learned to restrain themselves and give thought to the full ramifications of what they’re intending to say.

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  4. Make it so. I can hear that in Picard’s voice. :mrgreen:
    With the way the world is going at the moment, with two children fighting over mama and papa’s weapon cabinet keys, I think now is the perfect time for introverted let the goodness that is in all of us to fly free and encompass the world.

    You always write the most wonderful posts, Penny. Thank you.

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