Darkness in the Light of Day



In the still of every night

The stars may still be shining bright

But Darkness in the light of day

Makes hard to keep our fears away!


I do not know from when to where

Cannot conceive how we can’t care.

What we’ve become to darken ways

darkening all tomorrows days.


Where have gone the love and joy

for every single girl and boy.

STOP, stop no more I say

THIS, this is not the way.

Brothers, Sisters are we all

All together or we fall

and fall and fall

and fall and … fall!

~Plh, 2017






21 thoughts on “Darkness in the Light of Day

    • Thanks dear friend. You know Al, when I consider all of us who are creative (think yourself here) and caring I always feel uplifted and stronger knowing so many are out there sharing support and feelings of love to others. Thank you, most sincerely, for being such a wonderful you.

      • I’m not that creative. Not any more. Maybe one day again.

        I am glad you are though, and so many others. It is amazing what so many people can create, and the love that goes into it.

        • Creatively is more than a physical form of expression (written words, painting, music, photography, etc), it’s also the thought, feeling, perception, imagination, creatively shared with others. If even only one. You share so very much creative expression, Al, as this family knows. That is the essence of what creativity is. You, my friend are definitely a “Creative” My word for people like us. And I thank you. Don’t argue with me. After all I’m a creative genius! 😄

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