Your Love Becomes You


             “Self worth is said to be priceless. Both yours and mine. But it still remains a truth that the nature of our very being, shaping our conduct in everyday life, will ultimately determine the value of who we are/become. Therefore it follows that …

           … your love becomes you.” ~Plh


Have the best week possible that you can, I wish you well!

with sincere affection,

~ Penny

8 thoughts on “Your Love Becomes You

  1. So true Penny. Although, what if we are the type of person that puts on a facade for people, That my actual feeling of self-worth was to be vastly different to the ego I portray to others? Whether I let people think I am stable, but inside I feel nothing, or if I let people think I m a loving person, but inside I am a monster. I just act like a reasonable person.

    • Hi, Al. I believe what your saying holds true for everyone. I sincerely believe there is not a single human being, now or who has ever lived where the self worth they present is different than how they feel inside. Perhaps it is a part of who we each are and subsequently how we determine to cope with self doubt and insecurities. I chose to love inspite of same, as do you dear friend. I am very grateful for your abiding friendship and the light with which you are viewed in this household (that has seen its fair share of adversity) is huge. Thank you, again, Al.

  2. Very true, Penny, and very clever.
    Do you realise also that ‘your love’ can mean something very different, and again reflects on, or becomes, you?
    With fondest memories

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